Service & Repairs (Contact)

Service Contact

Available parts are listed on our webpage by speaker model as provided in the link below:

For non-warranty service parts (self-repair):

·Established One Systems dealers will find One Systems' component parts listed in the current price list. Parts are provided in order of speaker model. Orders can be placed with One Systems directly via

·Non-OSI dealers may support existing installations, accessing service parts through our US distribution partner, The Music People. or (800) 289-8889.

·End-users or Facility Managers in need of support, please contact:

1.     A local One Systems dealer in your area. Established One Systems dealers can be found by contacting a local OSI Representative, listed below by region.

2.Or send your repair directly to The Speaker Exchange. Contact info listed below.

One Systems is proud to partner with THE SPEAKER EXCHANGE for your service repair needs. Please present a copy of the original One Systems, Inc. invoice to The Speaker Exchange at the time of evaluation. To prevent damaged enclosures, when possible, use best practice and ship ONLY THE DRIVER in need of repair. For large format speaker repairs, we strongly recommend shipping via FREIGHT to avoid greater damage. Please note: a burned voice coil WILL NOT be covered under One Systems warranty policy.

All queries regarding the status of The Speaker Exchange parts or repairs must be answered by them directly.

The Speaker Exchange
8217 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604

One Systems is proud to partner with The Speaker Exchange to provide both Warranty and Non-Warranty service repair on all One Systems speakers.