On Point Powered Systems - Indoor OnlyModel: OPALine Sub



OPALine Sub On Point Powered Systems - Indoor Only

OPALine features two independent power amplifier channels. The system incorporates a high-order active crossover (4th order / 24dB-per-octave) design that routes 30 Hz to 120 Hz signals to one channel of the amplifier and powers its internal 18-inch woofer. All frequency content above 120 Hz is routed to the second amplifier channel. This high-passed signal is then sent to the external high-pass filtered output for connection to the OPALine full-range system. The preamp features a subwoofer level control that allows the subwoofer’s level to be set independently of the OPALine’s level. This feature allows the sub’s level to be set based on user-defined requirements.

Both amplifier channels provide a full class “D” module and are powered by an ultra-high efficiency switch-mode power supply. Each amp channel is rated at 500 watts per channel continuous, 1,000 watts peak. The amplifiers feature a universal power supply capable of automatic switching for use at 115 VAC – 230 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz.

OPALine Sub has a rated bandwidth of 30 Hz to 120 Hz and will produce extremely high-output, low-frequency program material.

OPALine Sub also features two 1-3/8 in (35 mm) standard pole mount receptacles. These two pole receptacles allow the OPALine enclosure to be mounted to the OPALine Sub. There are two mounting poles included with the OPALine Sub system. These poles are for use with the OPALine ONLY (see owner’s manual for more details)!