On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor OnlyModel: OPALine-82



OPALine-82 On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor Only

The OPALine-82 is a passive eight-element vertical array column featuring closed-spaced One Systems transducers. Thanks to its clever design, the OPALine-82 can provide wide 120-degree horizontal coverage and deliver a big sound that completely belies its small, slim size. The OPALine-82's enclosure is made of folded steel and is available in black or white finishes. It can be used as a vocal reinforcement system for distributed applications and it can also be used as a front-of-house system when combined with the OPA-151SA dual powered 15-inch, DSP controlled subwoofer system. A wide range of accessories are available for installation customization.

Limited supply, call for availability