On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor OnlyModel: OPA-12



OPA-12 On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor Only

A 12-inch two-way system featuring large-format components built by One Systems. Its compression driver and woofer have been carefully tweaked to provide extraordinary intelligibility and wide-band response. The OPA-12 also features a rotatable High-Q 60 x 40 "horn with holes" that provides impressive projection and pattern control with a "bigger than the box" sound quality. For applications that need wider coverage, a rotatable 90 x 40-degree is available with order. Its 13-ply marine birch plywood enclosure is equipped with multiple M10 suspension points for installation flexibility. The sound of the OPA-12 invites comparison to the best and most expensive systems available and its value is undeniable.

Limited supply, call for availability