Platinum Hybrid Series LoudspeakersModel: 312/HC



312/HC Platinum Hybrid Series Loudspeakers

The 312/HC is a 3-element vertical array that delivers very high output vocal material and wide-range music reproduction with superior intelligibility. Thanks to its clever design, the 312/HC’s array maintains its 70-degree vertical radiation pattern to below 300 Hz, thereby making its performance perfect for long-throw outdoor applications as well as for reverberant indoor spaces such as arenas and houses of worship. The 312/HC's 1,200 watts continuous power handling and its input sensitivity provides high output capability. The 312/HC’s tough injection-molded enclosure is optimized for high UV exposure and long life in harsh weather environments. Everything from the 3-layer “rain shield” stainless steel grille, the enclosure’s material, the weather covered inputs and its multiple 316 marine-grade stainless steel suspension points are capable of handling direct weather exposure for years while providing phenomenal performance. If your application requires ultra high output, long throw, full-bandwidth response with incredible pattern control, the 312/HC is a unique solution.