Platinum Hybrid Series LoudspeakersModel: 108.HTC



108.HTC Platinum Hybrid Series Loudspeakers

The 108.HTC is a compact, universal application direct weather speaker with big performance capabilities. The 108.HTC combines an 8-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil and a coaxially-mounted, medium-format compression driver into a solid, yet compact-sized enclosure. Thanks to its coax design with point-source sound emanation, the 108.HTC provides very high intelligibility, wide frequency response and smooth, even coverage. The 108.HTC can be installed anywhere outdoors – even on ships or next to oceans. The system's 316 grade marine stainless steel suspension hardware, enclosure reinforcements and its HYBRID stainless steel grille with marine-capable coating ensure extraordinary corrosion resistance and long useful life. The 108.HTC provides 200 watts continuous, 800 watts peak power handling and also offers high-impedance 70.7 – 100 volt operation with taps at 150, 75 and 37.5 watts. Low or high impedance operation is selected via separate barrier strips that eliminate reliability limiting switches. The 108.HTC delivers high output capability with full bandwidth response that provides high intelligibility as well as superb music reproduction. The 108.HTC is equipped with multiple M8 fly points to make it easy to install for indoor or outdoor applications. For nearfield and medium-range applications, the 108.HTC is sonically superior, budget-friendly and will deliver years of useful life.

Now ships with 108.HTC.UM U Bracket (2024) - Other Mounting options sold separately