On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor OnlyModel: OPALine Array



OPALine Array On Point Passive Full Range Systems - Indoor Only

The OPALine Array is a six-element vertical line array system designed for permanent installations and live sound applications. The OPALine Array combines 4 x 8-inch woofers and two isophasic line array waveguides with frequency shading to provide a wide 90-degree horizontal and precise 40-degree vertical coverage. The OPALine Array provides its 40-degree vertical coverage to below 800 Hz to prevent bouncing sound from the floor and improving intelligibility. The OPALine Array can be used by itself as a full-range speaker or combined with the OPALine-Sub to create a powered, DSP controlled wide-range system. The OPALine Array provides very high vocal intelligibility, superb definition and impressive projection capability.