September 2009

One Systems Speakers Bring Life Back to Hurricane Hit Wauchula, Florida

Nashville, TN, September 2009 - When the quaint town of Wauchula, Florida, home to 4,500 Floridians, decided to upgrade their downtown public address system, they chose speakers from One Systems, the new quality leading manufacturer of “direct weather” loudspeaker systems.

Wauchula’s idyllic downtown district, rich history and close proximity to several of Florida’s most popular destinations, including Disney World, make it not only a wonderful place to live and work, but vacation as well. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a full schedule of events centered in the downtown district, including parades, public speeches, as well as frequent outdoor concerts. Unfortunately, like many Gulf Coast towns in recent years, environmental hazards such as hurricanes and tropical storms have battered Wauchula. In 2004 alone, three hurricanes swept over Wauchula destroying over 85% of its homes and businesses, forcing the U.S. Government to declare it a Federal Disaster Area.

After years of rebuilding and recovery, Wauchula raised enough funds for a new public address system as well. The previous system had seen its share of inclement weather and along with the homes and buildings in need of repair or reconstruction, it was no exception. The need for an upgrade became more evident with each announcement and musical event.

When Gulf Coast Technical Services was awarded the installation contract for the new system, they chose One Systems speakers based on the specifications of Michael Chafee Enterprises of Sarasota. The 108IM One Systems speakers utilized include patented Equivalent Throat horn/driver technology, have excellent vertical control, great full range audio bandwidth and complete weather protection. This made their decision to purchase One Systems an easy one.

The Symetrix Zone Mix 760 provides all of the processing for the system. The thirty-speaker installation covers four city blocks, the neighboring City Park and the gazebo, which holds public addresses and live music. Performing the installation was John Altamura and Greg DeGiorgio of Gulf Coast Technical Services of Largo, Florida.

"There’s really no comparison between the old system and the new one," said Michael Chafee. "The clarity and intelligibility of the new system is phenomenal – like auditory gold. Plenty of headroom and very low distortion are worlds away from the tinny sound of yesterday. Not only do they use the system for the bands that roll through every few weeks and parades, but also for background music! That entire four blocks is immersed in really nice tunes, either from an iPod or from a local radio station."

Chafee, working closely with Gulf Coast Technical Services, decided to operate the systems in two basic modes - public announcements and live music. The thirty One Systems 108IM all weather loudspeakers are mounted on light poles that line the four blocks, sidewalk to sidewalk. Two One Systems 312IM speakers are mounted onto the gazebo’s fly points to be used during speeches and live music.

To assure that the system performs true to sound reinforcement standards, Chafee created delay in two separate zones, the short delay is closest to the gazebo with the longer delay farther back. This effect, otherwise known as the Haas effect, is most often used for public address systems and was crucial to this installation since arrival times of the sound can differ up to 30-40ms depending on location. The result is the assurance that the sound is perceived as coming from one single point of origin.

"This sophisticated installation is another example of a direct weather environment requiring highly intelligible speaker systems that can perform well for both music and spoken applications," says One Systems President, Doug MacCallum.

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